Alpspitzbahn Nesselwang: Foundation laid for master plan

The Alpspitzbahn above Nesselwang is a popular destination both in summer and winter. It offers its guests attractive skiing and hiking opportunities as well as numerous gastronomic and leisure facilities, such as the AlpspitzKick zipline and the all-season AlpspitzCoaster. It also benefits from its good accessibility and proximity to densely populated source markets.

In order to continue the successful path of the past years, a long-term year-round perspective for the Alpspitzbahn is to be developed within the framework of a master plan. Montenius Consult created the basis for this with comprehensive primary and secondary analyses. These included a detailed business field analysis, in-depth considerations of the market and competition as well as a determination of target group-specific catchment areas based on a postcode survey.

The market research focused on a widely distributed online and guest survey in summer 2022 and the following winter. As part of this, over 1,000 guests of the Alpspitzbahn were surveyed digitally and in person on site using standardised questionnaires about their visit planning, their visit behaviour, the evaluation of the offers on site and the desired further development of the Alpspitzbahn.

The results of the analyses and surveys have already led to the first concrete recommendations for action. In the next step, these will now serve as the basis for the development of a technical master plan by the alpine engineering office Klenkhart & Partner. This will be done in close coordination with Montenius Consult, which in turn will examine the economic feasibility of the recommended development scenarios.

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