Pre-planning and exposé Winterberg-Interconnect

Ideas for connecting the ski areas Neuastenberg and Altastenberg with the Skiliftkarussell Winterberg have been around for quite some time. This project is now to be realised by December 2022.

The dynamic development that the town of Winterberg has undergone in recent years as a result of the expansion of the Skiliftkarussell will thus also be carried to the mountain villages around Winterberg. Montenius Consult first carried out a comparison of the numerous possible connection variants on behalf of the lift operators involved. In addition to the economic potential, the aspects of skiing attractiveness and the effects on the natural environment were also taken into account. The focus was on minimising the latter.

The results were summarized in a project brochure, which serves the operators for the communication of the project both in political circles and to the authorities. In the meantime, the first steps in the planning and approval process have been initiated. Montenius Consult is currently carrying out profitability calculations for the Altastenberg and Neuastenberg ski areas as part of the interconnection project.

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