GIS-based Terrain Analysis Kaghan Valley

Source: own representation, data provided by Hall & Riggs 2016, JAXA EORC 2021

Great mountains (including the second highest in the world with the K2), enormous snowfalls, a huge population - Pakistan has good prerequisites for the development of year-round alpine tourism. So far, however, there is a lack of appropriate infrastructure. The Samsons Group of Companies, operator of one of the only two (small) ski resorts in Pakistan to date, would like to change that. For this purpose, Samsons commissioned Montenius Consult with a GIS-based terrain analysis. The goal: to find the ideal location for a mountain resort in the Kaghan Valley. The valley in the western Himalayas is already extremely popular with tourists because of its easy accessibility and the magnificent landscape, which is crowned by the 5290 m high Malika Parbat. Numerous new hotels have sprung up in resorts such as Naran, Kaghan and Shogran in recent years.

Using a geographical information system, Montenius Consult is now analyzing the snow conditions, altitudes, slopes, aspects, land use and road network in the entire valley area of ​​around 1500 square kilometers and extracts potentially suitable areas for the creation of a new mountain resort that could also offer a noteworthy and sustainable range of winter sports facilities . Access variants as well as a preliminary lift and ski run layout are created for the identified potential areas.

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