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Visitor forecast IGA Ruhrgebiet

Client: ift GmbH | Year: 2017

In 2027, an international garden show with a decentralised concept will take place at several locations in the Ruhr area. Montenius Consult was subcontracted by ift GmbH to forecast the number of visitors to this horticultural mega event. As at the time of processing it was not yet clear which locations would ultimately become exhibition venues for the IGA, different variants were calculated. Their different levels of attractiveness as well as the distances between the locations were taken into account in the evaluation of the variants, where it was not only important to forecast the number of visitors, but also to anticipate their behaviour with regard to changes between the venues - as a basis for the traffic concept, which is of great importance in a conurbation like the Ruhr area that is not exactly low in traffic.

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